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EMG Elite Project Spotlight

It is with great pride that Northern Waterproofing & Restoration presents a recently completed project led by our crew leader Erwin and his daughter Shirley.

Upon commencement of this project, it was evident that the sealants at the expansion joints were deteriorated, and the mortar joints at block in-fills and block-brick transitions had failed significantly. Particularly concerning was the leakage at the wall-slab interface caused by the compromised large door in-fill. Northern Waterproofing & Restoration skillfully replaced the sealants at the expansion joints and meticulously removed the failed mortar, later applying new sealant that accommodates the differential expansion and contraction rates of block and brick. This initiative ensured optimal water repellency at all vulnerable areas.

Furthermore, the existing paint coating on the block surfaces exhibited extensive peeling. Our team promptly eliminated the deteriorated coating, thoroughly high-pressure cleaned the entire wall, and prepared it to a pristine condition suitable for a new coating application. Subsequently, two coats of Sherwin Loxon XP were applied, carefully matching the color to the existing wall using a computerized matching system. This meticulous process not only rejuvenated the appearance of the property but also contributed to enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

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