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Devon Square Project Spotlight!

Today, we showcase a completed project from February of this year. The Devon Square building had three failed vertical control joints which were identified and remedied by Northern Waterproofing & Restoration.

Our team employed a 45-foot lift to access the building, meticulously cleaned the failed control joints by removing the ineffective remaining caulk, and expertly filled them. Subsequently, our professionals verified that the joints were effectively filled to prevent any future water ingress. To further fortify the building, the entire façade was pressure washed to establish a pristine surface. To enhance the protection and finishing of the structure, Northern collaborated with Sherwin Williams and used their Loxon XP coating.

The outcome of this endeavor not only safeguarded the integrity of the building by sealing off potential water damage points but also rejuvenated the external appearance, granting the façade a revitalized pristine finish.

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